Interactive guides to help you move forward after crime

My Support Space’s interactive guides contain videos, techniques, tips and activities for you to try. You’ll also get suggested onward resources for you to find out more.

Resources for victims and witnesses

The interactive guides on My Support Space cover many different topics. Once you’ve created your free account you can access guides that:

  • can help you understand your rights as a victim or witness. They explain what support is available to you during criminal proceedings and afterwards. 
  • have information and tips on how to cope, and improve your mental health and emotional wellbeing after experiencing crime or a traumatic event.
  • are crime-specific, which can help you as you move forward from your experience. We cover many different types of crime, and we add new guides regularly.

You can find out what guides are available in our My Support Space leaflet [PDF].

Resources for friends, family members, colleagues or other supporters 

My Support Space is also available for those supporting someone after they’ve experienced crime or trauma. For example friends, family members, colleagues or neighbours. 

When registering for an account, there is an option to select you are supporter rather than a victim or witness of crime. You will then have access to guides that have been designed to help you support someone.

These guides include how to talk to someone after crime, so you can approach conversations with them and begin to understand the support they need. There are guides on mental health resources and their rights as a victim, so you can help them to recognise what support is available and what they're entitled to. 

You can find out what guides are available to you as a supporter in our My Support Space leaflet [PDF].

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